Hypacover Trauma Dressing- Medium


  • Easy, ideal treatment of severe wounds.
  • Highly absorbent dressing pad absorbs 10 times its own weight
  • Pressure can be quickly applied and maintained with the high-pressure bandage
  • The bandage has a velcro-style fastening making it easy and convenient to secure in place
  • Better absorption than ambulance dressings
  • Dressings are sterile and individually packaged
  • 10x18cm

The HypaCover Trauma Dressings provide easy and ideal treatment of severe wounds, helping to prevent death from blood loss.

The highly absorbent dressing pad absorbs ten times its own weight. Pressure can be easily and quickly applied and maintained with the use of the attached high-pressure bandage. The Velcro-style fastening makes it easy and convenient to secure in place over the wound.

HypaCover Trauma Dressings are better than ambulance dressings at coping with large volumes of blood.

Each dressing comes sterile and individually packaged.

Learn more about pressure dressings on our Advanced Outdoor First Aid Course or the Celox Academy 

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm


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