Advanced Outdoor First Aid Course

Advanced Outdoor First Aid Course

Advanced Outdoor First Aid Course

Advanced Outdoor First Aid Course

Do you work in a remote environment where you need to manage a casualty from a prolonged period of time? Looking to deepen your understanding of first aid? Then our advanced outdoor first aid course is exactly what you are looking for! While it is common to cram this course into two nine-hour days, we have spread it over three days. This will allow you to digest the content, reflect on your experience and enjoy the learning experience!

This course is accredited by ITC First and builds on your existing basic knowledge of first aid. You will need to hold a current 16-hour outdoor first aid certificate before attending this course.

This course meets the requirements of the Institute for Outdoor Learning Statement of Good Practice for Outdoor First Aid Training Framework at Band 4.

Advanced Outdoor First Aid Course Prerequisites

To get the most out of this course, you must have a current and valid first aid certificate with an outdoor element to attend this course. If you don’t have a suitable certificate, then have a look at our outdoor first aid course, forest school first aid, emergency first aid at work + F, or first aid at work + F courses. This is vital to ensure that you have an understanding of the basic concepts which we will build on.

If you are not sure that this course is suitable for you, then why not take our short minute quiz. This quiz will help you decide if this course is suitable for you.

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Is the course accredited?

Advanced Outdoor First Aid Course

Yes, it is! Our advanced outdoor first aid course is accredited by ITC First and is valid for three years. The course also aligns with the Institute of Outdoor Learning’s Band 4. It’s the perfect ‘next step’ if you would like to develop a deeper understanding of first aid. The course is designed around prolonged casualty management and is perfect if you are expeditioning overseas.

Course Assessment

As the course is a regulated qualification, we gather evidence of a candidate’s learning and development over the course. During the assessment, candidates will demonstrate an understanding of effective first aid practises in emergencies. The assessment requirements for this course include:

  • Practical Assessments: your trainer will carry out ongoing practical assessments throughout the course

Who will my trainer be?

Our outdoor first aid courses are all delivered by outdoor professionals who work across the outdoor industry. So your trainer will hold an advanced outdoor first aid certificate and education qualifications. In addition to this, our trainers are active in the outdoor industry. Meaning that they have lots of real-life experience dealing with first aid incidents.

What will I need to bring?

On the advanced outdoor first aid course, you will spend a lot of time outdoors! It’s essential that you have enough warm layers. When you are stationary managing casualties in outdoor first aid scenarios, it can get very cold. These scenarios can last for upwards of thirty minutes. You must have enough, warm layers.

The course will also include an evening scenario, completed in the dark. You will require a head torch for this evening.


Once you have completed this course, you may be looking to develop your skills and knowledge further. We have several courses which may be of interest. On our External Haemorrhage Control- A Stepwise Approach course, you will learn more about managing catastrophic bleeds. Including the use of tourniquets and haemostatic dressings such as Celox.

You may be interested in our Administration of Medical Gases and Administration of Oxygen courses. On these courses, you will learn about medical gasses, including oxygen and Entonox®.

Advanced Outdoor First Aid Course, teaching safe helmet removal.

Advanced Outdoor First Aid Course Content

  • Initial candidate skill assessment
  • Recap of basic life support
  • Triage and vital signs
  • Advanced incident management
  • Major blood loss
  • Haemostatic agents/dressings

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